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Game Designer Martin Blackmore’s Online Portfolio can be found here at LivePlayDesign.com.


That might seem like an overt thing to add here but as my current contract only runs until the end of the project I’m currently looking for new opportunities.


Designing award winning, million+ unit selling video games since 1993. Creative, passionate and dedicated from concept to ship. Author of #DesignerTips and lives to create outstanding games. AAA, boutique, mobile.


With 20 years of game development experience I’ve helped create AAA titles and games that delight both audiences and clients. I design and create via established, exotic and innovative design methods, maximizing all advantages and working with a team to make something special from pitch to polish.


My thirst for design has only grown over time and flourished with experience, feeding the passion to create. Time and time again I’ve shipped titles that are on time, on budget and to a very high standard. Adaptable and innovative with current and exciting new technologies for both broad and narrow audiences.


I believe in the evolution of the designer. I always have and it’s something I’ve never stopped wanting to be better at, or more aware of. The designer weekly is part of that. I read articles on design, sure, but everything I’m exposed to and hunt out, builds the designer within. One of the first posts on this site is a designer slant on 100 pro-photography tips. It’s the Live. Play. Design mantra; To question, consider, to adapt and evolve.




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I can be contacted at live.play.design@gmail.com

@MrMBlackmore on twitter

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The thoughts and statements here do not represent any company or client I have worked for in the past or currently work for now.

Credit to others’ work is cited where applicable.

In many cases I express design thoughts not as whole lecture-length dives into a topic but as a starting point. Usually I’ve considerably more to say on a topic but to do so would deny me future material, possibly infringe TOE, NDA, MNDA and/or reveal current undertakings that should remain secret.



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