Nov 18

Working with IP


Today the question of working with IP came up and, as with any good topic, you walk away and then think of something else on the topic. Below you’ll find a condensed version of my views on working with IP. As with everything there are always caveats, and YMMV, and this isn’t attempting to be a fully comprehensive PhD on the topic, just some perspectives to be going away with.

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Nov 18

Designer Weekly

It’s that time again people. Designer weekly. A round up of articles that have caught my designer eye this week, and why.

What is a game

If you’re a designer then you inhabit an interesting space in the company hierarchy. You need to understand the differences between toy and game, between critical agency and busy work, hard rules and soft, and why those all matter.

I quite like the definition ‘an interactive rewarding experience, with rules’.

Shifting gears, I didn’t mention last week that Gamasutra have been running some excellent features and feature blogs recently. Always a good source for designers, ensure you’re on their mailing list as I don’t post most of their articles as I assume you read them already!

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Oct 17

Designer Weekly

So… Yeah, turns out my definition of ‘weekly’ clearly has some stretchyness to it. :)   But hey, the game we’re working on at Nine Tail Studios, Monsters Rising, is in it’s last month so that probably explains it. Go check out the teaser trailer.

I’ll be talking more about the development of Monsters Rising  over the next couple of weeks; What I’ve learned, what we learned, how development practices from previous projects applied and those that didn’t, etc.


Introduction to gamification

A series of slides introducing gamification, showing examples of use outside of games and then going further. It gets interesting around page16 and turns into a game design 101. Worth a read. Also this whitepaper has dozens of links on the side bar.


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Sep 17

Designer Weekly Sept 17

As always, a quick look at articles that caught my designer eye over the last week, and why.


The UbiArt initiative

I only usually point out Gamasutra articles if they are of note, as you should be checking their feed regularily anyway, but in this case it doubles up to show a smart use of in house talent for gain by all parties. Looking forward to seeing how these turn out.


“The most reliable way to predict the future is to create it.”

- David Roads


Shameless plug now for 2 articles I posted recently on sideways play and 20 tips from 20 years in the industry. Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 10

Sideways play

‘Know thy player’ is a handy maxim when developing any system or feature they will interact with.

Sideways play is my shorthand term for a particular play style. Not quite the same as MinMaxers, but in the same realm.


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