Sep 10

20 at 20



This summer sees my 20th year in professional game development and I’ve been asked by more than 1 person to spill tips, tricks and advice on what I’ve learned. Well, for one I dish that out fairly regularly here and on twitter but forget that for a mo. Here’s 20 tips for surviving/thriving/enjoying/etc professional game development. In no particular order :)


  1. It’s a small world. You will run into people you’ve worked with again. Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 27

Colin McRae Rally 2.0

This mornings news of Colin McRae Rally 2.0 making it’s iOS debut followed a small teaser campaign (that I’d completely missed somehow). This led the fanbase/community and jurno’s to speculate that perhaps an HD version of 2.0 (one of the most popular from the series) was on the way for current gen consoles and PC’s. Unfortunately not it seems (want!) – although now nearly everyone said it I wonder if they’re contemplating it back at Codies HQ.

Some even posited that it meant the next Colin title would revert back to the A-to-B racing as seen in outings 1 to 5 and not the fun motorsports orgy that is Dirt. [For the record I worked on 1-5 and not the Dirt series and also love both flavours :) ] The 3D world menu in Dirt 2 was a great example of fiction and function working together, although the Front End’s in most of the titles all had a little something. Go and YouTube them: the lines, the city, the cubes, the music!] Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 10

Designer Weekly eep!

Yeah. WHEW, busy with all kinds of this and that, so now here’s the Designer Weekly. Go!


” Trying to “perfect” those childhood gaming experiences ignores how those experiences were co-authored by child minds we can’t return to. “

- @J-Chastain


The ex-Naughty Dog lead on art, learning and his new game

“A piece of hardware is only a piece of hardware, it’s what you do with it that’s important”

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Apr 08

Designer Weekly April7

Lots last week and more this week too :) Enjoy the weekly round up of designer related articles. As predicted, lots of GDC goodness still outpouring.



  • Meetings > Random Schmoozing;
  •  Put free codes on your biz cards
  •  YouWillGetSick() == true;
  • Loud parties in dark caves kinda suck.
  • Confidence == Pretending to have confidence



“Story-Telling as Problem Solving”

Hamlet as a TD game hmmm… sounds like a Molyduex winner. 15 mins. Nicely thought provoking.

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Apr 02

Designer Weekly April 2

Well the GDC tornado tore all up the place with insights, tidbits, exclusives and controversy. Much of the content is out there for the hungry to find and digest, here’s a smattering.


How I got my mom to play through Plants vs. Zombies.

If you need a reason to watch this then you’ve never played PvZ.

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