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Nov 18

Working with IP

  Today the question of working with IP came up and, as with any good topic, you walk away and then think of something else on the topic. Below you’ll find a condensed version of my views on working with IP. As with everything there are always caveats, and YMMV, and this isn’t attempting to …

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Sep 10

Sideways play

‘Know thy player’ is a handy maxim when developing any system or feature they will interact with. Sideways play is my shorthand term for a particular play style. Not quite the same as MinMaxers, but in the same realm.  

Jun 27

Colin McRae Rally 2.0

This mornings news of Colin McRae Rally 2.0 making it’s iOS debut followed a small teaser campaign (that I’d completely missed somehow). This led the fanbase/community and jurno’s to speculate that perhaps an HD version of 2.0 (one of the most popular from the series) was on the way for current gen consoles and PC’s. …

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Apr 08

Designer Weekly April7

Lots last week and more this week too Enjoy the weekly round up of designer related articles. As predicted, lots of GDC goodness still outpouring.   #GDCLessons: Meetings > Random Schmoozing;  Put free codes on your biz cards  YouWillGetSick() == true; Loud parties in dark caves kinda suck. Confidence == Pretending to have confidence @lariusprime …

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Nov 29

Comfy Slippers Syndrome

Tweet from me this morning: Threw CodMW3′s new chaos mode on to check it out. Was instantly more entertaining than BO2. Comfy Shoes Syndrome?   “Comfy Shoes Syndrome” WTH? The term refers to having something new and not knowing that it’s better than something you are used to and thus just needing time to get …

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