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Nov 18

Designer Weekly

It’s that time again people. Designer weekly. A round up of articles that have caught my designer eye this week, and why. What is a game If you’re a designer then you inhabit an interesting space in the company hierarchy. You need to understand the differences between toy and game, between critical agency and busy …

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Sep 10

20 at 20

#20years   This summer sees my 20th year in professional game development and I’ve been asked by more than 1 person to spill tips, tricks and advice on what I’ve learned. Well, for one I dish that out fairly regularly here and on twitter but forget that for a mo. Here’s 20 tips for surviving/thriving/enjoying/etc …

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Jan 07

Quick Post: Kickstarter Release dates.

Prompted by the recent code hero kerskuffle, the prolific 22Cans and also a fellow kickstarterer (?!) that did this, I thought I’d take a look into when some of the projects are proposed to come to fruition.   Strike suit zero – Jan 24th 2013 Ouya – March 2013 Planetary Annihilation – Q2 2013 Sir, …

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Dec 17

Designer Weekly Dec 17

“The beginning of a very bad idea often feels very good. And the beginning of a very good idea can feel very bad. ” “I agree with @RaphLife. Designers cant soley use metrics as a crutch when designing. Heart and instinct are so valuable in designing.” – @zaford20

Oct 31

Live tweeting Tribute

So hey, Halloween huh? Whatya go as? Well I can never seem to find the time to pull together #10’s outfit and spending hours crafting something is hours I generally would rather be spending on something else (this year it’s being ill & making a book). One quick trip to the Halloween store and hey, …

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