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Nov 02

Borderlands 2 rather large plot hole

Quick maddening thought; when you die in B2 you get technological resurrected at a New-U system. One assumes that, you know, everyone would be using them. There isn’t any lore on them that I’ve come across during play.   So why is it any kind of big deal when a named character (main or bit …

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Oct 18

Trial and Error; Old and the New.

I remember reading Edge way back in the mists and a piece on trial and error gameplay . The designer’s (I forget who) example was Doom. As it was such a good example let me recite (from dusty memory):   You enter a room. Coiled around and through are a line of explosive barrels. Imps …

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Oct 15

Aftermath: The Power of 3

Stemmed from recent high profile and low (public) profile departures and movements around the industry I wondered- as many do at such times- what triggered such a move and to where? For it seems that with such a changing industry some are leaving it altogether and some going indie or startup. This stream of thought …

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Sep 12

The AAA Movie of the Game of the Movie?

Hey, here’s a thought, What if, rather than movie tie-in games being sub-par and movies from game franchises being awful – they weren’t?* What if game publishers and movie studios created IP together, for the best of both worlds sake?   Is it be possible for both studios and publishers to share the costs equally …

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Aug 28

Novice Vs Beginner

Having written up the post on ‘games for kids’ previously, one of the important factors is player competency. You could say it’s the foundation to retention. Here then is a quick definition of the two:

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