Oct 17

Designer Weekly

So… Yeah, turns out my definition of ‘weekly’ clearly has some stretchyness to it. :)   But hey, the game we’re working on at Nine Tail Studios, Monsters Rising, is in it’s last month so that probably explains it. Go check out the teaser trailer.

I’ll be talking more about the development of Monsters Rising  over the next couple of weeks; What I’ve learned, what we learned, how development practices from previous projects applied and those that didn’t, etc.


Introduction to gamification

A series of slides introducing gamification, showing examples of use outside of games and then going further. It gets interesting around page16 and turns into a game design 101. Worth a read. Also this whitepaper has dozens of links on the side bar.


 ”Making a game is easy, it’s just a bunch of rules and a goal. Making a GOOD game though… that’s where it’s hard”

- @The_Jay_Dude


A short video on the history of video games. video.video.

Title kinda speaks for itself there…


“everything comes down to Want. What do your characters want, how does that want create conflict.”



5 design factors for engagement with gamification

ok, take a breath here, it’s very heavily ‘gamification’ centric site – vegas flashing signs kinda heavy. BUT, the 5 factors mentioned here apply to 99% of the games out there. In fact, I quite like these 5 brief breakdowns because they keep it light and thus easy to transpose to your project. YES some of the statements are obvious but this whole page will take you less than 2 minutes and likely give food for thought.

“Much of evolution and natural selection can be summarized in three short words: ‘Life is games.’”

- UCLA Biology prof Peter Nonacs


A lesson in storytelling from Ricky Gervais

You kinda know where the story is going, but he has a solid point to get across. All the memorable, fantastical tales from deepest jungles, wired cities and life amongst the stars all hinge on that connection. The video is just under 4 minutes so go watch. :)


“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”

- Andy Warhol


A Lamborghini is not a polished Yugo  “Which is more important when students are making games: quality or quantity?”

Actually, this was going to be a quote on the page, because it’s snappy and I’m sure echoes some of our own thoughts on games, or moments-of, that we’ve played in the past. Also I’ve a big love for kinetic typography, so GO CHECK IT OUT. :) :)


And to sign off with, because Halloween is around the corner:
Designing Horror, how horror works in games

There’s a lot there, and I’ll be going back to the well again, just to glean more on a topic I’ve not dealt with much.

On the horizon are design blog pieces on recruitment, why do we play games and introspection. oh and sex.


Till next time



image by suvival