Sep 17

Designer Weekly Sept 17

As always, a quick look at articles that caught my designer eye over the last week, and why.


The UbiArt initiative

I only usually point out Gamasutra articles if they are of note, as you should be checking their feed regularily anyway, but in this case it doubles up to show a smart use of in house talent for gain by all parties. Looking forward to seeing how these turn out.


“The most reliable way to predict the future is to create it.”

- David Roads


Shameless plug now for 2 articles I posted recently on sideways play and 20 tips from 20 years in the industry.

Also, speaking of how things turn out, The Long Dark by Hinterland is on Kickstarter and looks very promising. Pledge!


“You are always living someone else’s perception, but you can effect its shape”


How reviewing games for 9 years helped in designing Gunpoint

25 minutes long. Enjoyable. Smart. “How to extract your own lessons on how to design games.”


“You can’t always make the good game, but you can make your bit of the game, good.”

- anon


Complete Blender Game Art Tutorial from zero to game-ready asset

Quick heads up on this one, I’m needing to generate some assets for project Volt and what better time to pick up blender. Personal projects really are idea for self-improvement, and any tutorial in 21 sections shows a significant dedication to explanation.


“Sometimes I get quiet all of a sudden. That’s when there’s a million and one things going through my mind”

- anon.


Interview with Andrew Weldon on RPS

That’s all you should need to go click, but if you need more then; Some sage words of learning and experience. ‘Cross pollination’ is always exceedingly valid. I’m currently watching the ‘Everything or Nothing’ Bond documentary and had quite an interesting notion about the perception of self within a game.

He also brings up the highly valid point of not needing to be an expert at the sport, the topic or god like player at that style of game to develop outstanding content for it/them.


“Rise up and be the best that you can be. Your world is waiting for you”

- Anon


The psychology of a fanboy

To round up this week I wanted to post this somewhat parallel article I saw. Taking aspects from it you can draw a picture of how players act in a game where there are a variety of options, where there is a bounty of choice.

Psychology has always intrigued me – more so than perhaps most as being a designer is very rarely about you, and how you think, but more about the player, and how their grey matter works. Watch this space.



image by McKay Savage