Jun 27

Colin McRae Rally 2.0

This mornings news of Colin McRae Rally 2.0 making it’s iOS debut followed a small teaser campaign (that I’d completely missed somehow). This led the fanbase/community and jurno’s to speculate that perhaps an HD version of 2.0 (one of the most popular from the series) was on the way for current gen consoles and PC’s. Unfortunately not it seems (want!) – although now nearly everyone said it I wonder if they’re contemplating it back at Codies HQ.

Some even posited that it meant the next Colin title would revert back to the A-to-B racing as seen in outings 1 to 5 and not the fun motorsports orgy that is Dirt. [For the record I worked on 1-5 and not the Dirt series and also love both flavours :) ] The 3D world menu in Dirt 2 was a great example of fiction and function working together, although the Front End’s in most of the titles all had a little something. Go and YouTube them: the lines, the city, the cubes, the music!]

Yet- and I don’t mean to kill any dreams here- trying to reproduce the magic of the original 5 titles is no small task. Something I’ve spoken about many times is that a product is created by a team of individuals; people with character, motivation, talent and skill all fused and fusing together towards a common goal. – I see Lionhead are doing a little PR groundwork in the same vein with their ‘it’s about the team’ talk in recent days. So with most of the original team having ‘moved on’ and those remaining Codies (as well as the rest of that team) now on new tech, a new ‘classic’ style CMR has a hill to climb.

Since leaving Codemasters I’ve found the skills learned in creating those ribbons of mud and asphalt, speed and control to be incredibly and also surprisingly valuable regardless of genre. Reading the play tempo and expressing a locale, understanding the mechanics of movement as they’ve been implemented so far and anticipating change. I could go on and on. But I shan’t (that’s what companies pay me to know&implement :D )

Judging by the videos already uploaded to YouTube the tracks are the very same  in the iOS version as the original- although the spectators have been replaced. Previously they were the actual dev team. I’m in there somewhere wearing a color shifted shirt. Not so much anymore it would seem.

I’m curious about how this was achieved (the redo, not the spectators). Knowing how the worlds were created and noting how the mechanics (at least in the videos) appear the same it’s a curious question.

I’m very glad that the Dirt series was a success, genuinely. And I look forwards to what ever that group produces next.


Game on.




Image (c) Codemasters