Jul 12

Designer weekly Bumper Edition. July13

So… last Friday’s Designer Weekly was half as long as it was supposed to be. I didn’t have access to the draft that had the extra links in so I’ve bundled them in here. Upside: Bumper Edition this week!




Linearity. Emergence. Convergence. A Level design post.

“All hope for open level design is not lost. There is a type of level design that combines the pros of straightforward and open level design while taking none of the cons.”


“I have played several games where I stop once I figure out I’ve seen all the gameplay and now it’s just “content”.” @nihilocrat




A great reference to check issues with color-blind conflicts.




“There are deeper societal issues at root here, and we can’t change all of society. But the fact is we are not all of society. We are an elite group of people that make games that show what we think and feel about the world.”


“Don’t fall into the trap of equating a lot of hours spent at work with lots of good work accomplished – only judge the output against goals.” @Scott_343




Layered Level Design.

With layered level design there are still countless combinations of possibilities to explore, but they are presented in a much clearer context that allows us to understand how they came together, fit together, and are unique from each other.”


click for original unmodified image“Yesterday you said tomorrow” @DevsDevelopment




Game Career Guide






‘What’s merihar?’ you are probably asking; well it’s a Japanese word that embodies rhythm+balance+distribution—for example. imagine a roller coaster ride without merihari, and it would just be a continuous downhill ride.

Also,  ‘Flow’ would work too…




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