Mar 25

Designer Weekly Mar25

Another week, another bounty of articles. Although a mini bounty, lots of the good stuff kept till GDC.

I did have a post on topic, but you all have enough to read without me adding to the pile. It’ll keep. On with the show!


Level Design in a day.

I’ve spent many years studying and applying level design techniques and innovations and yet we can all learn more and I love to hear experts speak on the topic. Seth’s first note about halving a room should also be reflected in the fact that a level designer rarely is directly responsible for all the assets placed in a level and therefore should take extra care to anticipate performance later down the road (and where possible bump for good profiling tools and performance milestone dates.)

This should pretty much be a must read for anyone responsible in building a level, from LD’s to world artists to lighting, animation, etc., etc.

I quite like the term ‘alpha corridor’ and ‘beta room’. may use that :)


The most interesting thing to come out of SimCity is this question: Who gets to control the vision of a game. The developer or the gamer?

- @crecenteb

Games have an attention problem

Much as I loathe to post 2 articles from the same site in 1 week, this breakdown of casual, hardcore, attention and emergence boils down well and is quick read. However I posted it because of it’s central crux; we’re overloaded with attention grabbing media and being a good game has never been so essential.


Learning to see

Loooots to read here, more on visual design than that of play, but there are some parallels. Excessive on the quotes – hence this week’s absence of.


Why We Play Games
I don’t normally post videos, but this one was sent in my direction by a friend and I really should pass it on to you too :)


image by Pascal