Feb 25

Designer Weekly Feb25

Designer Weekly time again. A round up of articles with a designery flavor. I’ll admit that by not commuting my time hunting for said articles is reduced, however I hope you get something out of the below and also enjoy Project Orange when it’s done.


Designing puzzles that make players feel smart

A free lecture from the GDC vault from 2009. Randy Smith breaks it down and I enjoyed his delivery too. As with any good talk there are tangents and takeaways that go beyond the expected.

Also linked up next to this on the Gamasutra site is a video: Why Bungie spent so long fine-tuning Halo’s plasma rifle. They’re both an hour each, so ensure you’ve the time :)


“i am going to succeed because i am crazy enough to think i can”

- @sonia


Revisiting the Design of Civ V

A curious post-mortem on Civ 5 and the learnings that will be taken forwards to the At The Gates project. The passage on AI (under Diplomacy) is a vital read for anyone considering faking personalities, and hell, the appearance of an intelligence at all! :)


“As Game Developers we must decide that dev for “Next Gen” is not about following trends. It’s about creating and driving them.”

- @Snak3Fist


The phenomenology of game design

Thoughts on the classic Theory of Fun and AOGD: Book of Lenses and how they relate to phenomenology. I’ll be getting this book. Sounds like it might be a little dense, but I find the mind and it’s need to play a fascinating subject.



image by la.kien