Feb 18

Designer Weekly

Ah Monday. You bright dawn of the week you. Last week was wind-down and handover from previous role which I left on Thursday. Friday I luxuriated by being ill (yeah, thanks immune system, nice one.) but the weekend saw a new beginning; Developer account created, test balloon app whipped up and uploaded, etc. etc. More on that adventure soon – 1st game in progress!

To the designer weekly then.


DICE speech videos

This link is to the JJ&GN keynote, but there side links there to other good pieces. Newell’s opening note on Next Steps is also worth your time.


 The 6 Stages of Debugging: That can’t happen. That shouldn’t happen. Hmmm, weird. Why does that happen? Oh, I see. How did that ever work?”



Good Vs Evil – making money from f2p without selling your soul

Patrick’s done a sensible breakdown of the conflicting waters designers new to this market may find themselves in. Also, gamesbrief.com has several other articles of interest depending on your current role/project. Part of me really wants to see a metric on the puppy resurrection monetization to see exactly how effective an exploration that would actually turn out to be (and not because I just adore Zombie Puppy’s). “Boooooonezzzzzz”


 ”you gotta build your followers 3 years before you release your product”

- Seth Godin


The Swinging Pendulum of Free To Play Design

Clearly my head is in a new place as this on Free to Play highlights, for me anyway, the critical aspect of considering your business model from the start. The article looks at Age of Empires Online and The Secret World.


 Winner is not who never fails, but the one who never quits.


Prettying up Aliens

Wow, so that happened.I like good fps games and have been a fan of the franchise since, oh, before you were born so the unfortunate thing that got released only didn’t land on my pre-order list because I’m still playing and loving the hits of Q4. As it was also not on super sale anywhere I pegged it as a ‘wait for steam sale’ title and went about my day, safe in the knowledge that when I did want it, it would have been patched and possibly enhanced by mods. PC gamers not taking the core product lightly have dived right in there and already made improvement after improvement. What’s the point of this link here in the DW?

Simply put, where possible make sure it’s easy to mod your game, it adds breadth and depth and importantly more exposure to new potential customers.



image by Ian Carrol