Feb 08

Designer Weekly

The Designer Weekly, a round-up of design related articles that caught my eye. I like design. I like learning more about design. I’m hungry for more on what, how and why. And I like sharing it with all of you. I’m some kind of philanthropist-design-zombie person thing.


The 4 ways Call of Duty and Dead Space’s Glen Schofield stays inspired

Short and probably not earth-shattering revelations to anyone, but a good example that games aren’t made in a bubble and that you also never know what experience is going to be relevant to you later.


“The more passionate that someone is about something, the more you have to listen to them.”

- Beth Comstock


2013, the year ahead in mobile.

Some interesting observations and predictions. IIRC another fine link from @RaphLife.


“Nick’s Theorem of Gaming Narrative: It always turns out that there’s more than one macguffin.”

- @NickCapozzoli


The Power of Play

Thanks to @jesseschell to this link. Stunning photos and quotes of play. I rather like a)the ice cream shot and b)


Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent, and independent with a
tremendous spirit of adventure and a love of play.
- Henri Matisse


Why the industries tumultuous January was a good thing.

As someone who actually was made redundant in January I initially was hesitant about this piece. However I think it’s a state-of-the-industry piece and having spoke with various companies on different business vectors and hearing their views on the future I rather liked the end quote:


“This is the end of the death of the industry,” he said, “and the beginning of its ascendancy.”

- M Patcher


Whilst we’re on the topic of redundancy it’s an ideal time to repost the 5 stages of layoff grief. Tricky bit of that is if you Google ‘5 stages of layoff grief’ then you get dozens of links to pages each with their own slight variation or explanation of those stages. Helpful, but YMMV.






image by Lentini