Jan 27

Designer Weekly

<Cough> <Cough>. Crikey, the cobwebs in ‘ere. You take a Xmas long vacation then a short sprint to a milestone and – ARGH! SPIDER!!! – phew. Sorry. As I was saying, things get in the way of this little personal project. But have I been deaf and blind to the ongoing design works out there, I have not!

The VFS Game Design Expo was again a fine day of design discussion, revelation and inspiration.  Once these come online I highly recommend you check them out. I found Patrick Plourde (CD for Far Cry 3), Armando Troisi and Clive Downie to offer little gems of design wisdom in particular. Such a great day. You should go next time.

As a token of apology I’ve thrown the first 50 #DesignerTips up and will be updating that to triple digits. Enjoy


To the weekly then.

“Design is an iterative process. The necessary number of iterations is one more than the number you have currently done.” – @GavinC343


What makes a perfect game

A personal and passionate take on what makes a perfect game / rant on some games’ features. When designing a product, this profile is certainly one I take in mind. To reduce that whole post down to the TL:DR crib notes would be to miss part of his conversation with you.


“Writing is like driving a car at night. You can only see as far as the headlights, but you make the whole trip that way.”

- EL DOCTOROW (@awad)


Three Hundred Mechanics

A quality collection of observed mechanics. This page will make you feel nostalgic and inspired all at once. By no means is this a sudden arrival to the web, but a tweet on it due to #1GAM reminded me I had yet to link it.


“”Why would the player want to do that?” <— ask / ask often. “Because it’s cool” is a bad answer if that is the only answer.”

- @BR


AAA to indie. A transition interview

Lee Perry, formerly Senior Gameplay Designer on GOW3 has gone indie and produced something that looks quite special.


“Pro tip: Want to get good at designing games? Design and ship good games. A notebook full of ideas is still just a notebook. #execution”

- @shaneneville


The Metrics of Space

Gamasutra posts some great design articles. If you’re not on their weekly mailing list then you are missing out and, of course, for me just to cite all of their articles every week would be folly. So I bump this one as it caught the eye of @raphkoster and with good reason.


Speaking of Armando, here’s a presentation he did at the 2012 VFS Game Design Expo on interactive narrative design. #like.


See you next week.


image by Paul Bica