Dec 17

Designer Weekly Dec 17

“The beginning of a very bad idea often feels very good. And the beginning of a very good idea can feel very bad. ”


“I agree with @RaphLife. Designers cant soley use metrics as a crutch when designing. Heart and instinct are so valuable in designing.” – @zaford20

“Résumé tip: pdf files are always better. If you send a doc file, I’m inclined to add cat grooming to your list of hobbies just because I can”

– @ac_awesome


Gamasutra, as usual, providing a veritable feast of design articles to nourish your mind..





“Limits are a gamedev’s friend”

- @TornadoTwins



I may well have posted this before, but it’s huge either way! Definitely check this out.


“The Internet is just a world passing around notes in a classroom.”

- Jon Stewart



This is quite something insane. Go explore the universe from earth to the most distant galaxies.


“When I have time to put an hour or two into a game, I often find myself going back to games I’ve already played b/c I know what I’ll get.”

– Raphlife



Smart observation on what people are willing to pay for. Raises the question of cost vs experience vs perception.


“The only route to success is hard work. If you didn’t work hard I don’t think it counts as success.”

- @RickyGervais


The Science of storytelling

A well turned phrase or tale can embed information much more effectively in your player.




 - @HMans

Some days more than others






image by Ian Sane