Dec 04

Designer Weekly Dec 4

No super-focus on design this week. More flanking maneuvers around the topic and role. Enjoy.

Sexism in gaming : A guide for nervous men

It’s good to see a posting on the week’s hottest industry topic go further than explain what it is and then point out a horror story or reblog tweets*. At the time the #1ReasonWhy and #1ReasonToBe hit worldwide trending I’d considered creating a parable ‘Hexism in gaming’; a pithy take on the sexism topic, where wizards, witches, mages, larpers and other magically inclined folk are discriminated against. But really, other than perhaps a wry smile, who would that have helped? Exactly.


Love your fellow game developers. Be a good human being. We are at our finest, at our best, when we respect, communicate and progress together. Don’t stand by idle, complicit, take action.



 “#1reasontobe a game dev is because we are a wonderful and supportive community. My best friends are devs and encourage me to take a chance.”

– @br


The Dark Side of [indie] Game Dev.

A quick reality check, in case you’re reading this and haven’t begun the big adventure yet.



“Women in the games industry shouldn’t have to deal with this crap. They kick ass in our studio & we couldn’t do it without them #1reasonwhy”

- @SlantSixGames



Binding of Isaac PM

A game that makes no sense on paper, and then becomes a huge cult hit. If you’ve not played this title, go check it out. It’s execution of design rules and darkness is an excellent case study. It’s likely one of the most adult games I’ve played. Ever.



“I get to indulge my love of theatre, mythology, history & learning and I’ve learned to spot skate-able surfaces #1reasontobe #alwayslearning”

- @TaraZM



“Girls in gaming has never been an issue to me, I’ve worked with a ton of them. Now devs who don’t play games…THAT’S an issue.” @2wicky neatly pointing out an issue that has been an recurrent point over recent DWs.


The Gameplay is the Gameplay.

The designest (yes I’m just making words up now) link this week.


*and yes, I realize all the quotes on this page are exactly what I just said. I do quotes each week and all the usual specific or off the wall ones felt a sham to use. Apologies to any and all who had excellent points and shared their voice on twitter via #1reasonwhy. Be sure that I read a good deal of them, as did a lot of your industry colleagues, target audience, friends, family and at one point I think even ABC News were reporting the trend.


Image by Keoni Cabral