Nov 29

Comfy Slippers Syndrome

Tweet from me this morning:

Threw CodMW3′s new chaos mode on to check it out. Was instantly more entertaining than BO2. Comfy Shoes Syndrome?


“Comfy Shoes Syndrome” WTH? The term refers to having something new and not knowing that it’s better than something you are used to and thus just needing time to get acquainted with the new. I like MW3, but preferred MW2.

I was kind of expecting Black Ops 2 to be a bit better TBH. Sale figures aside. I’d skipped reviews and whatnot as I figured to stay spoiler free, and I’m sure there are many gamers out there that love it to bits. I’m not saying I don’t like it, I certainly want to spend a few more hours with the content to make a final judgement.

This would, being a design blog n’ all, be a great place to break it down. To dissect what missteps were made and what really works. But on this occasion I don’t think a deep dive for public consumption is necessary. Also, there are enough voices shouting on the internet on pretty much any shooty game sequel you can think of and I’d rather not add to the volume, professionally educated viewpoint or not.


Anyhow, Comfy Shoes are always there. Oh look, new spec ops missions…



image by Domina Imagina’s