Oct 31

Live tweeting Tribute

So hey, Halloween huh? Whatya go as? Well I can never seem to find the time to pull together #10’s outfit and spending hours crafting something is hours I generally would rather be spending on something else (this year it’s being ill & making a book). One quick trip to the Halloween store and hey, Hunger Games Tribute ‘costume’. I say costume because this shirt is pretty well made and intended for more than 1 day of wearing. – I digress.

But wearing a costume anyone can do, so well, hello there social media J As of 12:01 am Oct 31st I’ve been live tweeting myself as a Tribute in the 75th Hunger Games. Just for chuckles. I’ll update in full tomorrow, but here’s what’s happened so far.



Begin Tribute (M/12) log:


12:15 am

Man, I shouldn’t have volunteered… After all that lamb, I’m still hungry. Wish me luck for tomorrow. #Gulp!


12:32 am

Can’t sleep. Too nervous about tomorrow. Going to head up and get some air.


6:45 am

May the odds ever be in your favor

8:24 am

In hair and make-up now. Have not seen the cool guy anywhere. Beautiful sunny day in the Capitol today.


8:40 am

On transport to game zone; no one is talking. Tribute from 3 keeps throwing up, poor kid.


8:56 am

Arriving at gamezone. This year it’s the abandoned Terminal City:

9:41 am

OMG! Have never run so fast B4. Snatched bag & food supplies:

10:08 am

Have taken shelter in a church I think; it’s covered in images of this guy

10:48 am

Ewwww. Foxface just got her fox eaten by faces. Messy. Wait, what? ! #MTOEBIYF


11:52 am

New Entry: Morning supplies gone. Hungry again. Going to hunt for food. Also, impaled by spear through shoulder. Need Sponsor assist.


1:10 pm

Stalked and killed a 6″ Ham Sub. #NomNomNom. Sponsors have sent some cream for impaled shoulder. IT’S A SPEAR. Not sure what it will do.


1:11 pm

Applying salve now. Smells of mint. I think imma go nap in a tree. ‘May the odds, ever something something…


3:05 pm

I woke up gracefully by falling flat on my face. Healing cream has removed spear, wound and restitched shirt. Blimey!


3:06 pm

Feeling drowsy still. Who do I have to fatally injure to get a cup of coffee around here??!!


5:11 pm

It’s getting dark. Canon shots all day. Going upstairs to hide till morning. It’s under construction but what the hell.


6:53 pm

Just past two tributes from high as a kite on recreational TrackerJacker. It’s a gateway insect I tells ya. #HungerGames



Tribute Reaper. GamesOver


* ok, so between these posts I got kinda pissed off at a guy I saw on transit. He was dressed in atypical Arabian clothing with a large (and one assumes) fake bomb strapped to his chest, complete with mickey mouse clock. Seriously, what sicko thinks that’s a clever outfit. Thus since my fiction/reality blending was based on fun, it was uncomfortable to continue when someone was dressed as a bomber for entertainment. The ‘recreational trackerjacker’ line I’d thought up earlier and in Hellz pizza I was messing about with the Scream mask so they seemed a neat enough ending.

Till next year then,

Tribute Reaper. GamesOver