Oct 19

Designer Weekly Oct19

The weekly round up of game design articles all in one place. Me doing the trawling so you don’t have too :)

Two posts this week from me. One I’d been dallying over for a while, the other spurned by industry happenings.

Aftermath: The Power of 3.

Trial and Error Gameplay


“Think no evil, see no evil, hear no evil — and you will never write a best-selling novel.” – Dan Bennett


Read this Harvey Smith interview.

No, seriously. Go and read it. We’re all a bit broken, it’s just a case of how much. I think it’s what makes games designers, and well, creative people in general, so expressive and… uniquely fractal.

I’ve yet to play Dishonored. It’s currently sat there next to XCOM and Torchlight 2 in what I’m calling my ‘Pile of shame fame’ :) . I’m greatly looking forwards to it. It seems that half my twitter feed is playing it and half my Steam friends list is in Xcom. I’m still loving and on playthrough 1 of Borderlands 2. Good things come…


“Don’t Compromise” – Steve Jobs

“Done is better than perfect”  – Mark Zuckerberg


The next 20 years: What windows 8 closed distribution means for developers

This link has been bouncing around so you may have already read it. I found it interesting how many commonplace TV shows wouldn’t be permitted under the restrictions. This isn’t to say they shouldn’t run their own store under their own rules, it makes sense in many ways.

Think about Dr Who for a second – family show right? Good for all young and old? Not so much, Sure he’s being a hero left, right and center and working for the greater good, but he breaks laws in so many episodes – Fraud: Psychic Paper, Trespassing, hacking and of course he stole the TARDIS in the first place – it should have its own tumblr feed. So a DW game under those restrictions would have to be very careful where it walks under section 5.3 alone.


“You have to make every single detail perfect and you have limit the number of details” – Jack Dorsey

“The trick isn’t adding stuff. It’s taking away” – Mark Zuckerberg


In what seems to now be a weekly thing, here’s a somewhat state-of-the-union piece from the Women in Games in Vancouver that I’d hoped to get to but prior engagement :(


“It isn’t ‘done’ until is ships” – Steve Jobs

“Move fast and break things” – Mark Zuckerberg


And finally…

Eight key industry trends learned from GDC Online 2012



Image by Vinoth Chandar