Oct 15

Aftermath: The Power of 3

Stemmed from recent high profile and low (public) profile departures and movements around the industry I wondered- as many do at such times- what triggered such a move and to where? For it seems that with such a changing industry some are leaving it altogether and some going indie or startup. This stream of thought led me to consider (and remember) the aftermath, the teams that continue on, that adapt and heal themselves.


When I look at any candidate or new hire I’m thinking about 3 core attributes: Skill, Talent and Passion. High profile industry moves become ‘high-profile’ because a person (usually) excels in 2 or more of these 3. Experience would be the 4th point of this triangle of course, tempering and working each of the 3 into a pyramid of unspecified shininess.


Anytime I see someone with ‘the power of 3′ I am keen to work with them. They make games development a joy unto itself and you know it’s going to end up in a better place because of them. Conversely, when they leave there is a feeling of dislocation or dismemberment – where things are irrevocably changed. Because teams make games, together, and so losing anyone impacts everyone.


Teams evolve and adapt of course, we’re human and that’s how it works.


This post didn’t really have much of a designer specific slant exactly, but do consider your own skills, talents and (especially if you’re several of titles in) your passion. Also when it comes to reviewing prospective candidates and indeed, employers or prospective colleagues, look for these 3 indicators.



What competency do they have for the job at hand and for role demands in the future?



What examples of innate talent can be experienced and reviewed?



Creating games is something that, shockingly, can become rote. High competence in the other two areas doesn’t necessarily translate to passion. Is this someone or a group of people, that exude passion about games and their craft?


Top image by Mr Bill