Sep 14

Designer Weekly Sep14

The weekly round-up of design posts from around the web that caught my eye. A quieter week this week. WiiU announcements and iPhone5 hype notwithstanding. I posted up two offerings for the fire


The Multiplayer Tail – a post on the dichotomy of planning for DLC but not refining process


The AAA Movie of the Game of the Movie? – What if Games and Hollywood worked together as founders of IP?


 ”IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME. *(given sufficiently expensive PR and advertising campaign)”


The pitfalls of regenerative health


Covers some valid ground here. I’ve talked on the shades of failure before – although not recently – and this illuminates a key mechanic used

“Bungie were able to build a game whose mechanics and controls compensated for many of the flaws inherent in less precise gamepad input and turned them into strengths.”


How Katy Perry  changed the design of LinkedIn


A piece on the focus of design simplicity and audience requirement awareness.


The opportunities and pitfalls of the console to mobile shift


Not so much a design piece per-se but “adapt or die” isn’t just a catchy hipster tumblr feed.


Game Development 101, glossary


Since I lost the Game Dev Dictionary in the Great Server Transition of 2012 (bah!) I do hunt for these lists.


The creative process


A friend of mine blogs on his creative process.




Those personal projects aren’t going to complete themselves.



Lead image by PaulBica