Sep 12

The AAA Movie of the Game of the Movie?

Hey, here’s a thought, What if, rather than movie tie-in games being sub-par and movies from game franchises being awful – they weren’t?* What if game publishers and movie studios created IP together, for the best of both worlds sake?


Is it be possible for both studios and publishers to share the costs equally of developing a movie AND game but leave the expertise to each appropriate party?


The idea stems from the simple fact that dollar for dollar, AAA games are highly risky and make much less than movies do – now more than ever. But, get it right and you’ve got a long running juggernaut of a franchise.


However, to minimize the risk of the game development and to share the marketing spend and impact, what if the game is developed with a lower break-even requirement?


Why? Well take a seat here, I’ll tell you why – deep breath – it’s a mammoth undertaking that would require the co-ordination of Moriarty-esc machination and co-operation of hundreds of talented people working towards one vision with the luck of the gods that all the pieces fit into place as and when they should. J


Making big budget games is hard. It takes time. Even with known franchises you’re still figuring out kinks and refining gameplay. I’ve little idea what it takes to make a movie, but from all accounts it looks similarly difficult. So much of both involves a pre-production phase where ideas solidify and a production phase where vision is executed upon.  Plus of course the difficulty in creating both the passive movie experience and an interactive, dynamic experience to boot.


But it’s not impossible, and there is mutual benefit to be gained. What such a partnership would need primarily is a show runner. A visionary, an expert of both worlds that can evangelize and tangibly track and organize the mega-juggernauts movement. There would then have to follow an Aristotelian confluence of happenings to ensure success as history has shown us that you just can’t throw money at a project for it to be Aces. The third essential requirement would be [creating] an IP worthy enough.


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“We live and work in an age of the impossible.”



*Admittedly, not all tie in movie/games are not great. There are of course exceptions.

Image by Micah Sittig