Jun 22

Designer Weekly Jun22

Here’s the designer posts this week you may have missed, and why you should check them out…


Does playing cooperative shooters make us more likely to engage in prosoicial behavior relative to competitive shooters? Link


XCOM designer: Why consequences make success so much sweeter

“players will sometimes end up feeling a sense of loss (or occasionally anger), but to Solomon, this emotional roller-coaster makes a game’s positive elements seem all the more powerful.”




Interesting take on player perception of behind-the-scenes events. Increasing awareness of events occurring tricks the brain into thinking they are happening more often.

aPart 3

The beginning is a quick 101 on dopamine hits and then suggests a mid ground between finding items and paying for them.


“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing” – Dale Carnegie


Gauntlet revisited by creator Ed Logg




From the mind that brought you World of Goo.


How to write a long speech by Aaron Sorkin.

This doesn’t need a description.



Featured image by – Donald Bell