Aug 16

Temporal reviews

Reviews by Time Lords are awkward. They waltz babbling about chrono-loop – wait… that’s not what this post is about.


As a follow up to last week’s post on the 5 degrees of design I thought I’d elaborate on how to tread when reviewers contradict their past selves.

It’s an issue I’ve seen time and time again throughout my career; on first review the feedback is to take it from direction A to direction B and later on in second review the same reviewer punts the ball back down field with feedback to go more towards direction A as if the first feedback meet never happened.


It’s infuriating to the point of madness – but actually, it’s incredibly good feedback.




Look at it this way; having someone play your level, who knows how to play the game and provide a point of view upon what they experience should be taken out of context to all that has happened before.


From this faux-fresh perspective you can discuss a solution, bringing up the previous design fundamentals or past aspects that were working and conclude a solution that will bring the best experience to the player. Because inevitably, that’s what it boils down to: making the best play experience.


We all get beholden to our work, we’re creative and that’s part-n-parcel, but comprehension, flexibility and adaptation are key to being a good designer. Taking it from good to great is a big step and you should take all the advice and direction as you can.


Photo by Janet Ramsden

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