Monthly Archive: April 2013

Apr 08

Designer Weekly April7

Lots last week and more this week too Enjoy the weekly round up of designer related articles. As predicted, lots of GDC goodness still outpouring.   #GDCLessons: Meetings > Random Schmoozing; ¬†Put free codes on your biz cards ¬†YouWillGetSick() == true; Loud parties in dark caves kinda suck. Confidence == Pretending to have confidence @lariusprime …

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Apr 02

Designer Weekly April 2

Well the GDC tornado tore all up the place with insights, tidbits, exclusives and controversy. Much of the content is out there for the hungry to find and digest, here’s a smattering.   How I got my mom to play through Plants vs. Zombies. If you need a reason to watch this then you’ve never …

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