Monthly Archive: January 2013

Jan 29

What is Exotic Design?

I was recently asked by a non-industry person what ‘Exotic Game Design’ is and I felt that although I’d mentioned it in the past in conversations, tweets, etc. that a more visible definition would be a neat solution. So here it is:   Exotic Game Design or Exotic Design is a concise way of saying …

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Jan 27

Designer Weekly

<Cough> <Cough>. Crikey, the cobwebs in ‘ere. You take a Xmas long vacation then a short sprint to a milestone and – ARGH! SPIDER!!! – phew. Sorry. As I was saying, things get in the way of this little personal project. But have I been deaf and blind to the ongoing design works out there, …

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Jan 07

Quick Post: Kickstarter Release dates.

Prompted by the recent code hero kerskuffle, the prolific 22Cans and also a fellow kickstarterer (?!) that did this, I thought I’d take a look into when some of the projects are proposed to come to fruition.   Strike suit zero – Jan 24th 2013 Ouya – March 2013 Planetary Annihilation – Q2 2013 Sir, …

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