Monthly Archive: November 2012

Nov 29

Comfy Slippers Syndrome

Tweet from me this morning: Threw CodMW3′s new chaos mode on to check it out. Was instantly more entertaining than BO2. Comfy Shoes Syndrome?   “Comfy Shoes Syndrome” WTH? The term refers to having something new and not knowing that it’s better than something you are used to and thus just needing time to get …

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Nov 27

Designer Weekly.

Good god how is it Tuesday. Busy is as Busy does. Well here’s the designer weekly   Games are 100% user experience. This sideways take on it will likely draw some parallels to what you’re doing now.   “Be quick to do good. If you are slow, the mind, delighting in mischief, will catch you.” …

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Nov 19

Designer Weekly Nov19

If you follow this regularly then you’ve probably noticed it’s a Friday thing. Well,… it wasn’t done. Or rather, it was mostly put together but other more urgent things came up, plus I was mulling the content of the final few links below. Games exist in a odd place media wise. With movies, the viewer …

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Nov 09

Designer Weekly Nov9

Well blimey there was a lot this week! There were even a couple of articles I’m going to hold on to till next week lest I overwhelm. So here it is, a week of design related articles. Bish, bash, bosh:   All games evolve as they get developed, it’s inevitable. Someone recently described all game …

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Nov 02

Designer Weekly Nov2

Once again the darkness encroaches with dread and death at – wait? What? It’s November now? Oh..   Near seasonal greetings everyone! Red cups are back and stores are laden with red, green and white sparkly tat for your Holiday needs. Lol. The sheer commercialism of every holiday shouldn’t surprise me, but each year my …

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