Monthly Archive: October 2012

Oct 31

Live tweeting Tribute

So hey, Halloween huh? Whatya go as? Well I can never seem to find the time to pull together #10’s outfit and spending hours crafting something is hours I generally would rather be spending on something else (this year it’s being ill & making a book). One quick trip to the Halloween store and hey, …

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Oct 26

Designer Weekly Oct26

This weeks round up of design related articles is here! No theme this week, but why not play you’re own ‘which is the state-of-the-union piece’ at home   The Zoe Curnoe interview @Amazoe – VFS Design Instructor, Development Director 2 at EA and co-chair of WIGVancouver.   “If you have zest and enthusiasm you attract …

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Oct 19

Designer Weekly Oct19

The weekly round up of game design articles all in one place. Me doing the trawling so you don’t have too Two posts this week from me. One I’d been dallying over for a while, the other spurned by industry happenings. Aftermath: The Power of 3. Trial and Error Gameplay   “Think no evil, see …

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Oct 18

Trial and Error; Old and the New.

I remember reading Edge way back in the mists and a piece on trial and error gameplay . The designer’s (I forget who) example was Doom. As it was such a good example let me recite (from dusty memory):   You enter a room. Coiled around and through are a line of explosive barrels. Imps …

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Oct 15

Aftermath: The Power of 3

Stemmed from recent high profile and low (public) profile departures and movements around the industry I wondered- as many do at such times- what triggered such a move and to where? For it seems that with such a changing industry some are leaving it altogether and some going indie or startup. This stream of thought …

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