Monthly Archive: September 2012

Sep 28

Designer Weekly Sept28

A busier week this week. Articles coming left, right and center.   The free to play storm and the freecore gamer @tiedtiger here providing an excellent look at free to play ecosphere (actually, I typed that as exosphere first, which kinda covers how some designers/developers see free to play) and a good state of the …

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Sep 21

Designer Weekly Sept21

  “This week’s incoming wave of design articles seems a little thinner than usual. Perhaps Sir, the internet was distracted by something new and shiny.” “As you were son, as you were.”   Why Indie Games Make Meaningful Spectator Sports Article raises the notion of how to make things clearer to see – which works …

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Sep 14

Designer Weekly Sep14

The weekly round-up of design posts from around the web that caught my eye. A quieter week this week. WiiU announcements and iPhone5 hype notwithstanding. I posted up two offerings for the fire   The Multiplayer Tail – a post on the dichotomy of planning for DLC but not refining process   The AAA Movie …

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Sep 12

The AAA Movie of the Game of the Movie?

Hey, here’s a thought, What if, rather than movie tie-in games being sub-par and movies from game franchises being awful – they weren’t?* What if game publishers and movie studios created IP together, for the best of both worlds sake?   Is it be possible for both studios and publishers to share the costs equally …

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Sep 10

The Multiplayer Tail

There is no doubt that developers of MP games have stepped up the features regarding social connections: friends lists, clans, 3 screen experience, invites, and so on. However, with some MP games having an intentionally lengthy tail – that is, how long it’s still played after release – I find it strange that with all …

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