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Mar 25

Designer Weekly Mar25

Another week, another bounty of articles. Although a mini bounty, lots of the good stuff kept till GDC. I did have a post on topic, but you all have enough to read without me adding to the pile. It’ll keep. On with the show!   Level Design in a day. I’ve spent many years studying …

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Mar 18

Designer Weekly March18

A weekly roundup of articles of interest to the design contingent out there. . Koster on QTEs. The ‘surprise!’ QTE is the one I despise the most. Ones that don’t appear until the final boss or just the last 1/3 of the game often feel cheap too- or to be more precise, they feel like …

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Mar 11

Designer Weekly March11

Skipped a week last week, lots of new work to get stuck into as new Lead Designer at Nine Tail Studios working on a damned exciting project   “When brilliant minds, attitudes, and talents come together to form one goal – expect masterpiece” – John Ruskin This quote encapsulates well the attitude I feel towards …

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Feb 25

Designer Weekly Feb25

Designer Weekly time again. A round up of articles with a designery flavor. I’ll admit that by not commuting my time hunting for said articles is reduced, however I hope you get something out of the below and also enjoy Project Orange when it’s done.   Designing puzzles that make players feel smart A free …

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Feb 18

Designer Weekly

Ah Monday. You bright dawn of the week you. Last week was wind-down and handover from previous role which I left on Thursday. Friday I luxuriated by being ill (yeah, thanks immune system, nice one.) but the weekend saw a new beginning; Developer account created, test balloon app whipped up and uploaded, etc. etc. More …

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