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Jan 29

What is Exotic Design?

I was recently asked by a non-industry person what ‘Exotic Game Design’ is and I felt that although I’d mentioned it in the past in conversations, tweets, etc. that a more visible definition would be a neat solution. So here it is:   Exotic Game Design or Exotic Design is a concise way of saying …

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Jan 27

Designer Weekly

<Cough> <Cough>. Crikey, the cobwebs in ‘ere. You take a Xmas long vacation then a short sprint to a milestone and – ARGH! SPIDER!!! – phew. Sorry. As I was saying, things get in the way of this little personal project. But have I been deaf and blind to the ongoing design works out there, …

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Dec 04

Designer Weekly Dec 4

No super-focus on design this week. More flanking maneuvers around the topic and role. Enjoy. Sexism in gaming : A guide for nervous men It’s good to see a posting on the week’s hottest industry topic go further than explain what it is and then point out a horror story or reblog tweets*. At the …

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Nov 29

Comfy Slippers Syndrome

Tweet from me this morning: Threw CodMW3′s new chaos mode on to check it out. Was instantly more entertaining than BO2. Comfy Shoes Syndrome?   “Comfy Shoes Syndrome” WTH? The term refers to having something new and not knowing that it’s better than something you are used to and thus just needing time to get …

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Nov 02

Designer Weekly Nov2

Once again the darkness encroaches with dread and death at – wait? What? It’s November now? Oh..   Near seasonal greetings everyone! Red cups are back and stores are laden with red, green and white sparkly tat for your Holiday needs. Lol. The sheer commercialism of every holiday shouldn’t surprise me, but each year my …

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