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Sep 10

20 at 20

#20years   This summer sees my 20th year in professional game development and I’ve been asked by more than 1 person to spill tips, tricks and advice on what I’ve learned. Well, for one I dish that out fairly regularly here and on twitter but forget that for a mo. Here’s 20 tips for surviving/thriving/enjoying/etc …

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Jun 27

Colin McRae Rally 2.0

This mornings news of Colin McRae Rally 2.0 making it’s iOS debut followed a small teaser campaign (that I’d completely missed somehow). This led the fanbase/community and jurno’s to speculate that perhaps an HD version of 2.0 (one of the most popular from the series) was on the way for current gen consoles and PC’s. …

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Jun 10

Designer Weekly eep!

Yeah. WHEW, busy with all kinds of this and that, so now here’s the Designer Weekly. Go!   ” Trying to “perfect” those childhood gaming experiences ignores how those experiences were co-authored by child minds we can’t return to. “ – @J-Chastain   The ex-Naughty Dog lead on art, learning and his new game “A …

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Apr 08

Designer Weekly April7

Lots last week and more this week too Enjoy the weekly round up of designer related articles. As predicted, lots of GDC goodness still outpouring.   #GDCLessons: Meetings > Random Schmoozing;  Put free codes on your biz cards  YouWillGetSick() == true; Loud parties in dark caves kinda suck. Confidence == Pretending to have confidence @lariusprime …

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Apr 02

Designer Weekly April 2

Well the GDC tornado tore all up the place with insights, tidbits, exclusives and controversy. Much of the content is out there for the hungry to find and digest, here’s a smattering.   How I got my mom to play through Plants vs. Zombies. If you need a reason to watch this then you’ve never …

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